Nick Munro's journey began with a brilliant idea - the transformation of a simple bedspring into an elegant egg cup. This commitment to excellence has been at the heart of everything we do and has earned us the trust of discerning individuals and businesses around the world.

Over the years, our products have found their way into the homes of design enthusiasts and connoisseurs who appreciate the fusion of artistry and functionality. You'll also discover our creations gracing the spaces of the finest international hotels all over the world from London to Paris, Dubai and Macau.

Our partnerships with many of the world's leading brands, including John Lewis, Wedgwood and Belstaff, are testament to our commitment to quality and creativity. Nick Munro's exceptional achievements have been acknowledged with prestigious awards and coveted commissions, such as crafting silverware for the 2012 London Olympics and designing a teapot for HRH the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2013.

When you choose Nick Munro, you're not just acquiring a product; you're embracing a legacy of design excellence and innovation.

Join us in celebrating the artistry of Nick Munro and discover the perfect blend of creativity and functionality in every piece we create.


The First Spring Egg Cup

Nick designs an egg cup using a bed spring and a lifetime in design begins with Spirals. Nick wins the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for his efforts. The Nick Munro brand is born.

Our Story in Sheffield Begins

On the factory floors of Sheffield, with input from master pewter craftsmen, Nick begins the process of developing the first of his iconic products, some of which can still be bought today.


A flash of inspiration from an old bicycle pump pushes Nick to design the Domus coffee range. Our striking Bistro Pot follows shortly, driven by the fusion of Domus with Turkish bistro style handles.
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Spheres Salt and Pepper

Nick finds inspiration in the most unique of places - e.g. London Routemaster buses, specifically the window winder. This lead to the creation of ground breaking Spherical Salt and Pepper Mills.
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In our shop at Harvey Nichols, Nick meets Keeley Traae and is quickly initiated as a designer at Wedgwood where he is responsible for re-inventing Jasperware. Rave reviews and global sales are led by the strap-line “Wedgwouldn’t?”

Spheres Tea

An exploratory trip around a tea warehouse ignites a quest to design the perfect teapot for all uses and the Spheres Tea set is born.
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John Lewis

Nick becomes an in house designer at John Lewis and launches several ranges from furniture and mirrors, to vases and ceramics.

Trombone Barware

A visit to Ronnie Scott’s Jazz club sows the seed of the striking and stylish, jazz instrument inspired Trombone barware.

Noir Mills

Where does he get his ideas? A concorde engine, no less. An immense feat of aeronautical engineering is given a different life as a salt and pepper grinder.

The London Olympics

Nick is commissioned to design the official tea set for the London Olympic games.

The Diamond Jubilee

Nick is given his second prestigious commission in a year as he is asked to design a teapot for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. A piece which has sat in Buckingham palace to this day.

Silver Linings Glassware

Czech mate! A partnership with the glassmaking wizards of the Czech republic sparks the introduction of a new range of bowls and vases.


One of Britain's best loved fashion brands partners with Nick Munro to launch the Dispatch Rider watch.
Spheres Salt Mill Small - Nick Munro


Nick Munro continues to thrive and be a hub of inspiration and creativity. Many of the original designs can still be purchased today. Keep an eye out for the next step in this journey of design.